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Mother's day
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17 products
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Confidence in a Cream™ - Anti-Aging, Moisturizing Face Cream

Mother’s Day is coming! Shop our selection of Mother’s Day makeup products to help inspire your shopping lists!

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a good Mother’s Day promotion? Our Mother’s Day private sale is the perfect excuse to show your mom some love and treat her to some new goodies! We have a large assortment of Mother’s Day makeup picks to choose from to help make your mom’s day extra special. COMING SOON


Whether you want to treat your mom to something new or get her some of her favourite products, we have tons of Mother’s Day makeup ideas to help you make the most of this special occasion! When it comes to Mother’s Day makeup trends, it’s always a great idea to get mom something she can pamper herself with!

If you need a bit more inspiration for your Mother’s Day makeup looks and shopping lists, we have created a foolproof Mother’s Day routine to help show you how some of our best-selling makeup that mom will love is used! Start off by using our special foundation to give her skin a more youthful appearance. After that, she can apply our lovely concealer to her under eye area as well as to any imperfections she may have to get a super flawless complexion! She may also want to set everything in place with our traditional setting powder. This will ensure she stays looking perfect all day and night long! After that, give her skin a healthy flush of colour using one of our gift-worthy blushes. Mom can apply this to the apples of her cheeks to make her skin look healthy and radiant. If mom likes to take your look up a notch, she could also highlight and contour her face using our warm contour palette, which will give her complexion a more chiseled look. For brows she will be thrilled about, you have to gift her our best-selling brow pencil! Whether she wants subtle, feathery brows or ones that are more dramatic, this brow pencil does it all. For her eyes, our sweet eyeshadow palette allows her to create a ton of different eye looks. So, whether she wants a subtle everyday look or something bolder, this eyeshadow palette will help her create the perfect look for any occasion! She can then follow it up with our cherished eyeliner. This liner will add some drama to her look and will last all day long! Then, she can finish off her eye look by creating passionate lashes using our Hello Lashes™ 5-in-1 Mascara. It will give her lashes the most insane volume for a totally gorgeous look. Then, she can complete her look with a nude lip gloss or a pink lipstick depending on her mood!

Check out our Mother’s Day Sales to complete your look now!

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