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Brow Gel

Eyebrow gel is the easiest way to tame, define and set your eyebrows for a more polishes eyebrow look. It Cosmetics has the best brow gel for all hair colors and skin tones keeping them in place for a soft natural makeup look

Brow Gel

Brow Gel

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1 product
Brow Power Filler


Brow Power Filler

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Brow gel is a must have in anyone’s makeup routine. A good brow gel works to secure your brows and keep them in place all day. They are designed to be used alone or over top of other brow products to complete your look and give you a polished feel. Brow gel is one of those beauty products that everyone is going to love. Regardless of what your brows are like, a brow gel is going to work wonders for your eyebrows and keep your brows looking neat. Since our brows have the power to frame our entire face, it’s important that they look their best and a brow gel will help do just that! Are you looking for the best brow gel? If so, your search is over because we have your new favourite brow gel!


Our Brow Power Pomade Waterproof Brow Gel Pomade is everything you want out of a brow gel and more! Our brow gel acts as a 4-in-1 perfecting and defining budge-proof brow gel, brow building and lifting mousse, brow sculpting pomade, and brow taming brush applicator all in one easy to use wand! The formula is clinically tested to be waterproof for 24 hours and is infused with brow loving ingredients like biotin, saw palmetto, argan and jojoba oils, and more!


The clear universal shade is perfect for everyone’s brows. Whether your brows are light or dark, fluffy or sparse, you will love the formula! It holds your eyebrows in place all day for a polished look that lasts. Plus, the gel doesn’t flake or harden throughout the day so it feels comfortable to wear! This waterproof formula works to lift, tame, and sculpt your brows in no time and is super easy to apply. The small brush makes it effortless to apply and it won’t make a mess. You simply apply it in short, upward strokes moving from the start of your brow all the way over to the tail. It is great applied alone on days you don’t feel like wearing makeup, but it also layers over brow pencils or brow pomades as well to really secure elevated brows too.


The results speak for themselves too! 100% of people found our brow gel to be easy to apply. Also, a whopping 96% found it helped their brow hairs stay in place, helped define the shape of their brows, and they loved the way it made their brows look! Are you ready for polished, sculpted brows? You need to add our brow gel to your collection today! No matter what your eyebrows are like, you will not be disappointed with our brow gel! It is so versatile and offers a huge range of benefits to give you your best looking brows yet. See what all the hype is about and give it a try!

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