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Makeup Brush Sets and Tools

IT Cosmetics has the best professional makeup brush sets to add to your makeup routine. Check out our makeup brush sets that include all the essential brushes to buff and blend and everything in between! Plus, discover our innovative beauty tools to help sculpt and smooth the skin!

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Finding the best makeup brushes is an essential part of every beauty routine. Good makeup brushes will make your products apply easier and look better, which is a total win! At IT Cosmetics, we understand how valuable good makeup brushes are, which is why we have so many amazing ones to choose from! Whether you need the best blush brush, the best highlighter brush, a good contour brush, a lipstick brush, a makeup brush for bronzer, a makeup brush for concealer, or even want a makeup brush set with case, we have exactly what you need!


When it comes to finding good makeup brushes, we have exactly what your collection needs with our high quality makeup brushes! If you’re on the hunt for the best blush brush, check out our Heavenly Luxe™ French Boutique Blush Brush. It works perfectly with all of your favourite cream and powder blushes alike; so no matter what formula of blush you prefer, this brush is the one for you. The angled brush head effortlessly hugs the curves of your cheeks to give your complexion the prettiest flush every time! For the best highlighter brush, we recommend our Heavenly Luxe™ Angled Radiance Brush. Our custom-designed brush brings out your favourite features with ease! With it, you get a gorgeous airbrushed glow every time. This brush actually makes a great contour brush too as it hugs the natural contours and angles of your face as well to give your makeup look added definition! When it comes to a makeup brush for bronzer, look no further than our Heavenly Luxe™ Airbrush Powder & Bronzer Brush. This ultra-luxurious brush is super plush so it gives you an airbrushed finish in minimal time! It makes getting an even application effortless so your glow will look totally natural. For a good makeup brush for concealer, check out our Heavenly Luxe™ Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush. This 2-in-1 brush gives you serious bang for your buck! The brush applies your favourite liquid and cream concealers with ease, giving you a flawless application every time. The flat and tapered end smooths your favourite concealer under your eyes as well as around your nose and other hard to reach spots while the round and fluffy end buffs away any imperfections! And then, for a makeup brush set with case, our Brush Roll Makeup Bag has everything you need to achieve complexion perfection! Inside are 4 full sized face brushes to help you flawlessly apply your makeup, plus the bag will help keep your makeup brushes safe!

There really is no denying how important good brushes are. Our luxurious makeup brushes are going to give you your best results when it comes to applying your makeup which will totally elevate your look! Which makeup brush will you add to your collection first?

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