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If you want a long-wear lip stain that doesn't dry out your lips, you will love these skincare infused lip products. Our innovative lip products feature hydrating stains, gorgeous long lasting lipsticks, lip liners, lip balms and glosses all designed to give you 'Your Lips But Better!

Rouge à lèvres longue tenue
Afficher 5 produits
Afficher 5 produits
Vitality Lip Flush Teinte a levres renouvelante 4-en-1

-50% Dernière Chance

Vitality Lip Flush Teinte à lèvres renouvelante 4-en-1

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Love Story

“Imagine your lips supple, hydrated and flushed with beautiful hydrating color that lasts! Our innovative line of truly first-ever hydrating stains and gorgeous lipsticks are all designed to give you 'Your Lips But Better!”

xoxo Jamie
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