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Using a facial toner is an effective step to do after you cleanse the skin, it will help to hydrate and minimize pores on the face. Discover IT Cosmetics best toners! Whether you are looking for a hydrating, radiance boosting toner or a pore refining, oil controlling toner we have the toners for you!

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2 products



Facial toner plays an important role in our skin care routines. A face toner works to cleanse your skin and minimize the appearance of pores so your skin looks and feels its best! Skin toner acts as a facial treatment essence and is the perfect next step after you have cleansed your face. With so many face toner options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is going to be best for your skin type. There are pore minimizing toners, anti-aging toners, toner for dry skin, exfoliating toner, clarifying toner, acne toner, toner for oily skin, and more which can make narrowing the options down seem impossible. That is why we created our Miracle Water™ Anti-Aging Miracle Water. It combines all of those great skincare benefits in one easy to use facial treatment essence! Our best toner combats any skin concerns you may have to give you youthful, radiant looking skin in no time.


Micellar water acts as a magnet to lift dirt and makeup off of your skin to make it as clean as possible. Our skin toner also contains the best micellar water formula so it not only refines your skin but it gives your skin a second cleanse at the same time. Our best lotion acts as an acne toner, toner for dry skin, oil control toner, exfoliating toner, toner for oily skin, clarifying lotion, pore minimizing toner, and anti-aging toners all in one! Talk about the best toner! If you have ever been wondering what is micellar water or if a facial toner belongs in your skincare routine, the answer is absolutely!


Using our best lotion or best micellar water is super easy! After removing your makeup and cleansing your skin, following up with a facial treatment essence is the next step. All you have to do is put some of our best toner on a cotton pad and swipe it over your face. Applying our best micellar water is very easy and you get all the benefits of a pore minimizing toner, acne toner, toner for dry skin, toner for oily skin, oil control toner, exfoliating toner, and clarifying lotion in one easy step! If you don’t currently have a face toner in your skincare line up, now is the time to add one in! Our best lotion will give you cleansed, youthful, healthy looking skin in no time at all! It is one of the most potent anti-aging toners available and offers your skin a slew of other important skincare benefits all in one easy product. Clear skin has never been more attainable!


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