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Face Highlighter

Ready to get your glow on? A few sweeps of highlighter can instantly brighten your face and emphasize your facial features. Highlighter draws Highliattention the high points of the face creating flattering lines and dimension for a soft glow.

11 products
11 products
Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer 12ml

Last Chance

Confidence in Your Glow™ - Gradiant Blush, Bronzer & Highlight
Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette - Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter

40% OFF

“These are truly your perfect lighting in one easy step! When you see beautiful skin, there is a light and radiance to it. Our luminizers capture that utilizing micronized pigments of light (never shimmer or glitter) to truly give you your most beautiful skin!”

xoxo Jamie
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